How to Choose the Right Vacation Home

How to Choose the Right Vacation Home

Are you an avid traveler who’s looking for a safe place to call home for a getaway? A vacation home may be the perfect option for you! Compared to hotels, a vacation rental home can offer more flexibility when it comes to accommodating large groups. It also offers several other perks, such as a full kitchen, a sense of the local community’s flavor, and other great amenities. 

After finding the vacation home that is right for you, there are several things to keep in mind before signing a contract. You can make renting a vacation home a pleasant experience for you and your family by following these tips while avoiding some of the common pitfalls:

Find a reliable rental company that offers protection policies

When looking for a reliable rental home for your next trip, consider searching via company websites that specialize in vacation rentals. We recommend you check out sites such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and FlipKey. Many of these types of companies offer basic safety features, such as the address and background checks of each homeowner. They also post uncensored reviews, and they utilize a system that detects and removes fraudulent posts. Some of these companies offer vacation protection plans and the option to refund your money, in cases of subpar rentals. 

Review all regulations for each rental home

The regulations governing vacation home rentals will vary per state. For example, in some states, the homeowner is required by law to collect and remit sales tax on all rental transactions. Others give temporary permits or waivers that allow homeowners to rent their properties during certain times of the year when they’re vacant, so they are exempt from collecting taxes upfront until after a stay has been completed.

Another example is that homeowners in New York State and the city of San Francisco, CA, are forbidden to rent their vacation home properties for less than one month. Take time to review the rules and laws that govern your destination location carefully. 

Check the insurance policies

Sometimes on vacations, mishaps will happen from time to time, such as having your belongings stolen or damaged. The good news is you can make sure you’re protected with the help of insurance. It’s important to read the fine print when renting a vacation home to ensure that you are fully protected in case of an accident, theft, or other unfortunate events.

Vacation homes have varying insurance policies, and it is important to ensure you are aware of them beforehand. Some common provisions include liability for damage or accidents, an agreement that your property is properly maintained by the owner, a clear explanation of what may happen if a natural disaster occurs, during which time you cannot stay in the home (or how much notice must be given), and whether pets are permitted. 

Be sure to ask questions

It’s important to know what you’re getting with your vacation rental home, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. Some key questions you may ask include:

  • How easy is it to get around the area? Is the rental home in close proximity to amenities like restaurants, malls, or a grocery store? Will I need a car, or is it more convenient to take public transportation?
  • What other attractions are nearby? What types of entertainment are near the rental home? 
  • Is the neighborhood or apartment complex quiet or noisy?
  • How can you contact the owner if you have questions or if problems arise?
  • Are basics, such as linens and towels, available?
  • Are any extra amenities provided?
  • Is the property kid-friendly or pet-friendly?

Review your contract that outlines the specifics

Before you spend money on any vacation home, make sure it’s all in writing. A contract is the best way to cover important items of information like:

  • The dates of your arrival and departure
  • The details of payments, including the due date, deposit, cleaning fees, etc.
  • Cancellation policy
  • Policies on damages

Vacation homes are an excellent option for anyone planning a trip. If you’re looking to enjoy some extra perks you won’t get from a typical hotel, consider renting a vacation home! Use these guidelines to help you choose a reliable vacation rental home for a perfect vacation experience!


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