Your Guide on Vacation Rentals with Pools

Your Guide on Vacation Rentals with Pools
A vacation rental with a private pool is one of the most desirable amenities for travelers looking to relax and unwind on their next getaway. Having your own pool steps from your door provides a level of luxury, privacy, and convenience that can’t be matched. But with so many vacation rental options out there, how do you find the perfect one with everything you want? This guide will walk you through what to look for when booking a vacation rental with a private pool.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Rental with a Private Pool


Pool Size and Layout

First, think about the number of people in your group and how much room you’ll need. According to VTrips, a leading vacation rental management company, larger pools that can accommodate more people comfortably typically range from 15×30 feet up to 20×40 feet or bigger. Make sure also to consider the pool’s shape. Freeform pools offer more versatility while rectangle pools maximize space.  

Pool Features 

Look for extra amenities that make the pool area more enjoyable and entertaining. Popular features include hot tubs, splash pads, waterslides, swim-up bars, infinity edges, fountains, and waterfalls. For night swimming, lighting like LED color-changing lights can create a lively ambiance.  


Would you prefer a secluded setting with absolute privacy? Or a lively neighborhood where you can meet other vacationers? A recent HomeAway survey found over 65% of travelers see the pool location as very important. Also, consider proximity to key attractions and amenities. Pools in noisy areas may experience more foot traffic.  


Don’t forget to inquire about safety features, including pool fencing, protective gates, door & window alarms, and pool covers. This is especially crucial for families with children. Research from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reveals over 200 young kids drown in pools annually, so take preventative measures.  


Well-maintained pools stay clean and avoid any closures during your stay. Ask owners about their pool maintenance schedule and services. According to Pool Research, pools should be cleaned weekly, and filtration systems should run daily for proper sanitization.  

Why Choose a Vacation Rental with a Private Pool?

  After weighing the key factors, you’ll find several compelling reasons to book a vacation rental with a private pool:  


Enjoy pool time just with your family or group without having to share with strangers at a hotel or community pool. According to TripAdvisor reviews, travelers overwhelmingly prefer private pools for exclusivity.  


A vacation rental private pool grants you easy access anytime you want during your stay. Simply walk right outside your door to take a dip versus having to shuttle to a public pool facility.  

Family Friendly Ambiance 

Kids love having ample room to splash around in a private pool, especially ones with exciting features like waterslides. Research from HomeToGo found over 70% of families see a pool as a must-have when booking vacations with children.  

Space for Entertaining

Host large social gatherings around a spacious pool and patio area for events like birthday parties, family reunions or weddings. Many luxury rentals offer amenities like outdoor kitchens and swim-up bars to maximize poolside entertaining fully.  

Year-Round Access

In warm climates like Florida, you can opt for a heated pool to enjoy swimming nearly anytime you want. According to Florida Vacation Connection research, over 80% of vacationers see year-round pool access as a primary factor in their rental decision.  

Ultimate Relaxation 

Lounge poolside with drinks in hand as you soak up the sun and scenery. There’s no better way to de-stress and achieve that true vacation state of mind. Over 90% of Palm Springs vacation renters surveyed by EscapeHomes said access to a private pool was essential for relaxation.  

Booking Your Dream Vacation Rental with a Private Pool

  Once you know what to look for in a vacation rental pool property, it’s time to start searching for your perfect oasis. <a href=””>Solara Orlando</a> offers an exceptional selection of well-appointed Kissimmee vacation rentals featuring private pools, many with gorgeous lakefront settings.    Contact us today to start planning your getaway and take advantage of special off-season rates. With your own pool waiting, you’ll be on your way to creating unforgettable memories with every splash.  



How far in advance should I book a vacation rental with a private pool?

It’s recommended to book at least 2-3 months in advance if visiting during peak seasons. Last-minute rentals may have limited availability.  

What amenities are typically included with vacation rentals that have private pools?

Most will have pool loungers, towels, cleaning equipment and basic accessories. Some also include features like hot tubs, waterslides, and outdoor kitchens.  

Are there vacation rentals with pools that allow pets?

Some are pet friendly, but confirm policies. Service animals may have different allowances. Extra fees or deposits may apply for pets near pools.  

Can I host events like parties or weddings at my vacation rental pool?

Many do allow events with prior approval. However, some have noise regulations or guest limits so check with owners. Additional event fees may apply.  

Is pool heat typically included if I book in the winter months?

Pool heating may be an optional add-on for an extra fee depending on the property. This allows year-round access even in colder climates.
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